About Us

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A powerful voice for the people of rural Scotland. 

We are a grassroots-led, non-profit organisation. We seek to ensure that decision-makers understand the needs and strengths of rural communities in Scotland, and that policy does not disadvantage rural communities.

We work by:

  • Influencing policy and services at a national, regional and local level on the 5 key priority areas in the Rural Manifesto for Scotland to ensure the needs and interest of marginalised people living in rural areas are not overlooked.
  • Representing the voice of rural Scotland on key Scottish Government decision-making committees including National Transport Strategy Partnership Group, Broadband R100 Expert Group, Rural Policy Cross-Party Group.
  • Connecting with rural communities through our developing active volunteer-led networks to build a grass-roots rural movement.
  • Organising the Scottish Rural Parliament every two years to connect rural communities with decision-makers and to raise the profile of rural needs and strengths.
  • Providing opportunities for rural communities to connect, share and learn from each other.

We are a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity formed with the dual purpose of developing and organising Scotland’s Rural Parliament and supporting the development of a rural movement. We have no affiliation with any political party. Our members elect our board of directors every two year.

The objects of Scottish Rural Action are:

  • To encourage and actively support the development of an inclusive and sustainable Scottish rural movement that is rooted in Scotland’s rural communities and empowers and connects them.
  • To support the organisation of a Scottish Rural Parliament that meets with the purpose of giving a stronger, more coherent voice to Scotland’s rural communities and enabling them to engage more effectively with government at all levels.
  • To support and promote the development of a Scottish rural movement and Parliament.

Resource Documents 

Articles of Association – Revised September 2017


Accounts March 2017


AGM Minutes Dec 2016 – September Approved. Due to a change in practice, an additional AGM was held.

AGM Minutes Mar 2016 – Approved

Accounts March 2016


AGM Minutes 2015 – Approved