Are RBS branch closures in breach of the Equalities Act?

We have joined forces with Disability Equality Scotland (DES) to write to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission seeking clarification on the terms of the Equality Act 2010.  We are questioning if RBS’ plans to close branches would fall foul of the law as there has not been adequate consideration of the banks disabled customers.

RBS plans to replace branches with mobile banking vans in some locations, however these are not suitable for use by some disabled people.  These concerns prompted DES to poll its members.  It comes as no surprise that their members were very concerned and frustrated by the plans.  Lack of disabled access to the vehicles will essentially result in anyone with a disability who cannot enter the vehicle undertaking their banking outside, with no privacy and subject to the weather conditions.

Jeane Freeman MSP is joining the call to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission due to concerns raised by her constituents.

Paul Daly

Paul Daly

Paul has an MSc in Environmental Studies, and a BA (Hons) in Psychology.

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