Be Kind December

Help us stop rural isolation.

Christmas is usually a time for festive cheer and celebration, however, in rural Scotland it is also a time when isolation and poverty can be felt even more. Isolation can be felt by anyone at anytime, and 45% of UK adults say that they feel lonely some of the time. Scottish Rural Action would like to encourage people to #BeKindDecember and commit to one act of kindness this December.

How do I get involved?

Download and print our Christmas sweater image click here and complete the sentence ‘This December I will…’ by inserting your own act of kindness. Take a photo with you and the completed sweater image and post on your social media account/s with the hashtag #BeKindDecember.

Follow our 31 suggestions of acts of kindness that will be posted throughout December on Facebook and Twitter – use one of these suggestions in your own sweater image or share our suggestions on your own social media account(s).

Share the campaign with your friends, family and/or colleagues.

One act of kindness can really make a difference to someone who is feeling lonely – join us in raising awareness of isolation in rural Scotland and spread the message of #BeKindDecember.

Wearing your own Christmas sweater for your photo is optional!

Key facts about isolation

Isolation can affect anyone at any age

  • 45% of UK adults report feeling lonely some of the time (1)
  • Feeling isolated can have a negative impact on health and wellbeing (2)
  • Living rurally can bring extra challenges for someone experiencing isolation such as geographical distance from a community, poor transport links and lack of access to services.

Have you been affected by isolation? We would like to hear your story – contact or if you would like to share your experience with us

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For urgent help or support please contact:


Paul Daly

Paul Daly

Paul has an MSc in Environmental Studies, and a BA (Hons) in Psychology.

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