Campaign Update – Bank Branch Closures and Mobile Banking Vehicles

The Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee will meet on the 19th of June to hear evidence on issue of bank branch closures throughout Scotland. The Committee will hear from Clydesdale Bank, Santander UK, TSB, Royal Bank of Scotland and Bank of Scotland.

SRA has been campaigning since January 2018 for RBS to reconsider the closure of 62 of its branches, many of which are in rural communities. The committee will address the broader issue of branch closures, however, the planned RBS closures will form a substantial part of that discussion.

Mobile banking vehicles have been planned as a branch replacement in the majority of areas experiencing a closure. However, the banking vehicles will run on a tight schedule, stopping for as little as 15 minutes in some locations. In addition, banking vehicles are not a suitable alternative for many people experiencing a disability or with poor mobility.

The Committee will raise the issue of mobile banking vehicles and if they are an appropriate option for anyone experiencing a disability. A poll carried out by Disability Equality Scotland of their members highlighted the challenges and frustration that many of their members face in using mobile banking vehicles.

SRA, Disability Equality Scotland and Jeane Freeman MSP have also written to the Equality and Human Rights Commission to request an investigation in to whether mobile banking vehicles are a breach of the Equality Act 2010. Read more on this campaign here

Fiona Thompson

Fiona Thompson

Fiona joined the Scottish Rural Action team in February 2017. Fiona has been working in the field of community development for over ten years; with particular focus on adult learning, mental health campaigning and service delivery across Scotland but with particular focus on the Highlands and Islands. Fiona is a resident of Lochaber and has a keen interest in hill running and open water swimming when time allows a break from two small children.

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