Campaign update: #FareEnough?

Nearly 300 young people from across Scotland have taken part in our ‘Fare Enough?’ survey to date and the number keeps growing. Young people who live rurally have shared their experience of how public transport cost has impacted on their lives.

One of the key issues that the survey highlights is that many young scots do not earn enough to pay for the cost of travel to and from work. SRA believes that young people in rural areas should be given the same opportunities as those living in urban areas and the Scottish Government should consider what it can do to address the imbalance. One survey respondent stated:

 I had a part time job half an hour away. The cost of the bus fare was equivalent to two hours pay from a four or five hour shift which became untenable

The cost of public transport has also shown to affect how young people can access educational opportunities. Respondents stated that of the cost of travel prevented access to university open days and school pupils could not afford to travel to other schools for a broader range of subjects.

The results of the survey so far have been used to inform the SRA response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on free bus passes for Modern Apprentices – see our response by here.

The survey is still open and SRA would like to hear from as many young people (16-26) who would like to make their voice heard. We are also very keen to hear from anyone who has completed the survey and would like to share their story either in video clip or in written format – please contact Fiona Thompson 07388 907 367 if this is of interest.

Paul Daly

Paul Daly

Paul has an MSc in Environmental Studies, and a BA (Hons) in Psychology.

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