Communities expected to gain powers over Crown Estate assets

The Scottish Crown Estate Bill offers communities and local authorities the opportunity to control the assets, on a case by case basis.

Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham said: “The estate consists of a diverse portfolio, including thousands of hectares of rural land, half of Scotland’s foreshore, urban property and seabed leasing rights for activities such as renewable energy.

“That is why this bill recognises that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not practical, laying the foundation for changes in the management of individual assets.

“I believe strongly in maximising the benefits of the Crown Estate for our communities and the country as a whole, while ensuring assets are well maintained and managed, with high standards of openness and accountability.

“That’s why I have put these principles at the very heart of this important bill.”

Linsay Chalmers, from Community Land Scotland, said: “We very much welcome the bill and are pleased to see that there will be powers to transfer the management of assets to communities and that the management of assets can be used to contribute to economic development, regeneration, social and environmental wellbeing and sustainable development.

“It is also good news to see that these can be taken into account when deciding to transfer or lease an asset at less than market value.”

The 2016 Scotland Act transferred control of the Crown Estate in Scotland to the Scottish Government. The total value of the Scottish Crown Estate’s assets was estimated at £275.7m last year. It generates an approximate gross annual revenue of £15m.

Emma Cooper


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