Delivering for Business: Scottish SMEs use of postal services

Citizens Advice Scotland has produced a new report based on their research into small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the availability of choice when it come to postal products, services and providers.

The key findings of the report are:

  • Postal services, and the Post Office, are vitally important to SMEs.  We want to see current levels of service maintained for SMEs.
  • A third of Scottish SMEs have variable or poor quality broadband.  We believe there is a need for a statutory telecoms consumer advocate to represent the interests of consumers, including SMEs, as governments work to increase digital connectivity.
  • SMEs in Scotland can be disadvantaged by their location in a number of ways – including limited access to reliable broadband, location-based delivery surcharging and delayed deliveries.  We would welcome more rural proofing in general policymaking for SMEs so that location is not a detriment.
  • SMEs value convenience over cost when it comes to choosing a postal supplier, but awareness of suppliers other than Royal Mail is low.
  • While SMEs are generally satisfied with postal services, there are a few areas where improvements may be needed – like better collection services or lower prices. We will highlight these findings with the regulator and postal operators.

Find out more and download the full report by clicking here.

Paul Daly

Paul Daly

Paul has an MSc in Environmental Studies, and a BA (Hons) in Psychology.

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