Emma Cooper to step down from SRA

Emma Cooper, Chief Executive of Scottish Rural Action, is to step down from her post at the end of February after five years of leading SRA from inception to established rural campaign organisation.

Emma helped launch Scottish Rural Action as National Co-ordinator, making real and breathing energy into the organisation tasked with the role of creating a rural movement for Scotland.  She later became Chief Executive, leading on strategic management, policy development and organisational planning.

Chair of Scottish Rural Action, Amanda Burgauer, said:

“Emma has been a pleasure to work with and she will be much missed by the SRA team and our wider membership, encompassing the length and breadth of rural Scotland.  I have personally found her leadership, knowledge of rural issues and organisational capability to be a source of inspiration.”

Board member Alison Macleod who has been actively involved with SRA since its inception said:

“Emma is resilient, flexible, on the ball policy wise with a professional and pragmatic approach.  Emma has been adept at managing SRA as both a new organisation, working with directors to enable it to grow, and also growing with that organisation as it matured.”

Mairi Gougeon, Minister for Rural Affairs and Natural Environment, has written to Emma stating:

“On behalf of the Scottish Government, I want to thank you for your involvement throughout the inception and evolution, of Scottish Rural Action and the Rural Parliament Events for Scotland since 2014.

“There have been many successes that you can and should be proud of and your enthusiasm has been a key factor in moving the agenda forward.”

Emma is leaving Scottish Rural Action for positive reasons, with plans to travel and explore European countries with her partner Tim.

All of us on the Scottish Rural Action Board would like to wish her well in her new adventures.  She has proven to be totally unflappable and absolutely reliable in everything she has done for us over the past 5 plus years, including organising the first three Scottish Rural Parliaments. Her drive and determination is equalled by her smile and charm, and she has never let us down.

One thought on “Emma Cooper to step down from SRA

  • John Hutchison
    5th March 2019 at 11:16 am

    As the first Chair of Scottish Rural Action I worked closely with Emma for two years when we established the organisation and set up the first Rural Parliament. It was a tough time and huge momentum had to be generated so I much appreciated Emma’s dedication, reliability and, as noted above, unflappability. No is a good time for her to move on and I wish her every success in the future!


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