In the Scottish Parliament this week…

Committee Meetings

  • Local Government and Communities Committee met and discussed alcohol licensing and accessing greenspaces.
  • Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee met and had an update on major transport infrastructure and discussed a draft annual report that it will put before the Parliament.

In the Chamber

  • Minister for Transport and the Islands Humza Yousaf MSP opened a debate with a statement on the Northern Isles Ferry Procurement. Watch the Statement and debate by clicking here.
  • Bob Doris MSP led a debate by the Local Government and Communities Committee on the Consultation on the draft National Outcomes. Watch the debate by clicking here.


  • Alexander Burnett MSP put down a motion congratulating Deeside Community Transport Group on winning the award for developing and maintaining a rural transport service. Read more.


  • Bill Bowman MSP lodged a question on the provisions for charging electric vehicles in Angus by 2022. This is due in the Chamber on 31/5/18
  • Alex Rowley MSP lodged a question about the support the Scottish Government gives for skills development in rural Scotland. This is due on the Chamber on 31/5/18
Paul Daly

Paul Daly

Paul has an MSc in Environmental Studies, and a BA (Hons) in Psychology.

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