Manifesto for Rural Scotland – chance to update

Our Manifesto for Rural Scotland was agreed by participants in the second Rural Parliament at Brechin, in response to an increasing number of calls to provide input and evidence on a wide range of policy areas impacting on rural Scotland. The Manifesto guides our campaigning and policy responses throughout the year and is an important source of information for others too, such as the Scottish Government.

The Manifesto for Rural Scotland is a powerful way of expressing the needs and views of rural communities, in a format which is available to all, and covering a wide range of topics. It’s been highly influential over the last two years, but as the world changes, so should our Manifesto.

Emma Cooper, Chief Executive

The Manifesto reflects the collective views of rural Scotland as voted on by participants in the Rural Parliament. As some of the items have now been achieved or are underway, Scottish Rural Action (SRA) will be updating the Manifesto accordingly. However, there may be other additions, removals or amendments to the Manifesto that you think need to be made and that you believe to be reflective of the views of participants at the Rural Parliament.

To change the Manifesto, you must propose a motion to do so. If you propose a motion you will need to argue the case for it to participants at the Rural Parliament and you will have precisely three minutes to do this. Another participant will be able to argue against your motion, also in three minutes. There will be a limited time for questions and comments from the floor before a vote will take place. The decision made at the Rural Parliament is final.

It is not likely that all motions will be addressed at the Rural Parliament due to time constraints. Proposed motions will therefore be circulated to participants in advance of the event and prioritised. They will be dealt with in priority order.

Propose a motion!


Oct 21st – Deadline for proposing a motion to the SRA board

Oct 22nd – 29th – Motions are sense-checked by the SRA board, duplications addressed and those which may bring the Rural Parliament or SRA into disrepute are removed

Oct 30th – Nov 7th – Motions are circulated to participants at the Rural Parliament for prioritisation

Nov 15th – Prioritised motions are put forward for voting at the Rural Parliament

Dec – The updated Manifesto will be published and circulated



Emma Cooper


Emma joined SRA in 2014 and was our Chief Executive until February 2019. She is going to be touring in a mega motorhome so might be out of touch with us for a while.

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