National Council of Rural Advisors publish first report

The first report from the newly formed National Council of Rural Advisors (NCRA) has been published on the ‘Potential implications for rural Scotland of the United Kingdom leaving the EU’ –

The report lays out some of the concerns the NCRA have for rural Scotland post-Brexit, including labour and skills, trade, loss of EU funding and legislation.

The NCRA is chaired by Lorne Crerar, a Scottish lawyer and member of the HIE board, and Alison Milne, a consultant currently representing the Scottish Tenant Farmers Association. The membership is predominantly formed of agriculture, food & drink and tourism interests.

The remit of the National Council is to provide advice on the potential implications of Scotland leaving the European Union (EU) as part of the United Kingdom (UK), and make recommendations on future policy and support, with the aim of ensuring a vibrant, sustainable and productive rural economy. This report covers the former and the potential implications of Brexit on rural Scotland, with a focus on trade, labour & skills, funding, legislation & standards.

Scottish Rural Action was not invited to contribute to the report and does not have a seat on the NCRA.

Emma Cooper


Emma joined SRA in 2014 and was our Chief Executive until February 2019. She is going to be touring in a mega motorhome so might be out of touch with us for a while.

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