RBS Branch Closures – Campaign Update

SRA has been closely monitoring the planned closures of RBS branches as part of our ongoing campaign for a review of the branch closures throughout Scotland. Many of the branches planned for closure are in rural areas and our research shows that individuals, businesses and the broader economy of these areas will feel the negative impact of losing a bank branch – in some cases the last bank in town. In June we submitted evidence to the Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee that highlighted the concerns of rural communities about the branch closures. Read the Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee Report here

The Scottish Government and HM Treasury have both released a response to the Committee’s findings:

Read the HM Treasury Response

Read the Scottish Government Response

In addition, several banks have responded to the report. Read the RBS Response.

A debate will take place in the Chamber on the 20th of September at 2.20pm on the Committee’s Report. The debate can be watched live on www.scottishparliament.tv

SRA will continue to campaign for a review of bank branch closures, and we will also continue to highlight the issues surrounding mobile bank branches and their accessibility issues – read more here.




Fiona Thompson

Fiona Thompson

Fiona joined the Scottish Rural Action team in February 2017. Fiona has been working in the field of community development for over ten years; with particular focus on adult learning, mental health campaigning and service delivery across Scotland but with particular focus on the Highlands and Islands. Fiona is a resident of Lochaber and has a keen interest in hill running and open water swimming when time allows a break from two small children.

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