RBS closures and the Scottish Affairs Committee – update

SRA represented rural views on the RBS closures today (17th January) at the Scottish Affairs Committee at which RBS executives Les Matheson and Jane Howard also gave evidence.

Our Chief Executive Emma Cooper said “I was shocked to hear RBS acknowledge that they do not need to close these branches, and yet they’re proceeding to do so without further consultation with communities.

“RBS are leaving 13 more communities in Scotland without a bank at all, mostly in rural areas, which will severely impact on their most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.

“RBS gave no commercial justification for the decision to close these branches and cannot explain how and why they made the decisions about individual branches. Despite hearing about the devastating impact these and previous closures have had on rural communities, they refused today to reconsider their decision.

“We call on RBS to halt these closures immediately, and on the UK Government to consider how we protect all of our rural communities from the loss of their only bank.”

Find out more about the proceedings at the Scottish Affairs Committee http://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/commons-select/scottish-affairs-committee/

Fiona Thompson

Fiona Thompson

Fiona joined the Scottish Rural Action team in February 2017. Fiona has been working in the field of community development for over ten years; with particular focus on adult learning, mental health campaigning and service delivery across Scotland but with particular focus on the Highlands and Islands. Fiona is a resident of Lochaber and has a keen interest in hill running and open water swimming when time allows a break from two small children.

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