Universal Basic Services?

UCLs Institute for Global Prosperity has published a report on the concept of Universal Basic Services – extending the range of services available to all that are free at point of cost. They’ve been working on how we would fund this approach an what should and shouldn’t be included.

For rural communities and those living in poverty, this could be a game changer. Imagine if we had free transport, free communications? An obligation for these to be provided for everyone, like post, and not only that, but without charging us at the point of use, such as the NHS. These are essential services and we currently pay a lot more for them. What do you think?

They say:

“The UK should provide citizens with free housing, food, transport and IT to counter the threat  of worsening inequality and job insecurity posed by technological advances, a report launched by the Insitute for Global Prosperity recommends.

“The proposal for ‘Universal Basic Services’ represents an affordable alternative to a so-called ‘citizens’ income’ advocated by some economists, according to the expert authors working for UCL’s Institute for Global Prosperity.

“Building on the ethos that saw the establishment of the NHS and public education – that essential services should be free at the point of need – the plan would “raise the floor” of basic services all citizens can expect, providing better protection for workers in the face of rapid advances in technology and automation.”

Find out more: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/bartlett/igp/news/2017/oct/igps-social-prosperity-network-publishes-uks-first-report-universal-basic-services

Emma Cooper


Emma joined SRA in 2014 and was our Chief Executive until February 2019. She is going to be touring in a mega motorhome so might be out of touch with us for a while.

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