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Scottish Rural Action seeks to be a powerful voice for rural Scotland, but we know that rural Scotland has many, knowledgeable, passionate and diverse voices – how best to make those voices heard?

We have started a new section in the Scottish Rural Action website called Rural Voices and we are inviting everyone with an opinion, a case study, a challenge or a soapbox to consider contributing to it. 

You can submit a one off article or contribute on a regular basis. Think of it as a shared blog where the many voices of rural Scotland can have their say. 

Our intention isn’t just to provide a blog portal; we want to provoke debate and discussion too.  We will be sharing contributed articles in our social media channels and inviting people to comment on them.  By reading and responding to these opinion pieces you will be directly influencing the work of Scottish Rural Action, by shaping our priorities and helping us keep our finger on the pulse of what rural Scotland reallythinks. 

This is a time of unprecedented change for the people and places of rural Scotland. Policy and priorities are moving too fast for a biennial rural parliament to be sufficient in providing a platform for rural Scotland to meaningfully have its say.  

The Rural Voices section of the website is our digital response to a rapidly changing world. Perhaps more importantly, it’s a place for people across rural Scotland to share knowledge, propose solutions and inspire others.    

Want to take part? Send us your article and a photo to accompany it to We are open to receiving respectfully written articles on any topic, however no overt bad language or offensive material please.  Currently, we are particularly interested in articles on rural depopulation, climate change and land use. 

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