Being a member of Scottish Rural Action

Scottish Rural Action's members are the driving force of our work and the development of Scotland's rural movement. Our membership includes individuals and organisations involved at national and community level.

Why become a member?

"To protect and further the needs and rights of those living and working in rural areas."

"I hope to build networks with similar community organisations to mine to help me achieve my community's aspirations."

“To effect policy development and change at local and national levels.”

Membership is FREE and is open to: 

  1. Any individual over the age of 16 who supports the vision and mission of Scottish Rural Action;    
  2. Any incorporated organisation (for example SCIO, Company Ltd, Community Benefit Company) which supports the vision and mission of Scottish Rural Action; 
  3. Unincorporated organisations, including Community Councils, who may nominate one individual to represent them. 

The benefits of membership include:

  • The right to shape Scottish Rural Action’s strategic approach, to stand as a Trustee (Director) and to have a vote on the election of Trustees  
  • Early invitations to workshops and events, including the Scottish Rural Parliament 
  • Participation in consultations and research to inform policy development
  • Support to amplify your own priorities and campaigns 
  • Opportunities to showcase your organisation through our social media and other platforms 
  • Regular newsletters highlighting practice, policy and funding developments  

How to apply:

If you think of other organisations or individuals who might wish to become members, please direct them here.