Brexit and Rural Communities

Leaving the European Union (BREXIT) will affect people from all walks of life in Rural Scotland – businesses, banks, factories, farmers, employees, students and many local communities who currently rely on European funding to improve the quality of life for local people.

This includes people like you, living in rural communities across Scotland who have access to European funding. These funds promote projects that support amongst other things – tourism, activities for young people, local community and voluntary organisations and business, employment and training opportunities.

Together, we need to start preparing for the impact of Brexit now in Scottish Rural Communities. To do this we need to establish how losing funding and support will affect the thousands of people and families who live in rural communities and what the common and most significant areas of impact will be.

We need your help to get this right.  We are organising a series of discussion groups across Scotland in the next few months and we would value your communities’ input.  Would you be interested in hosting an event on our behalf.  Has your organisation organised something in the next two months that we could “piggy back” on?  Please help us start the conversation.

For those who would wish to but are unable to attend these discussion groups an e-questionnaire is being used to help us gather information.  You can also join the conversation by:

Email your views to

Post on our Facebook page

This will help Scottish Rural Action to inform the government of the best plan of action to minimise the impact of BREXIT and ensure Scottish rural life continues to flourish.

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