Action Plan 2017-19

Wed, 18/04/2018 - 18:19pm

Progress report and next steps

We published our second Action Plan in 2017, following the Scottish Rural Parliament at the end of 2016. It was an ambitious plan, aiming to achieve a lot across a number of policy areas, whilst also strengthening Scottish Rural Action as an organisation, and all with very limited resources.

I am very pleased to report that less than a year after its publication, and still several months away from the Scottish Rural Parliament in 2018, we have made excellent progress across all areas. Within this report you will see both small and big steps taken towards reaching our goals and I am thankful to our team – staff, directors and volunteers – for their concerted efforts.

As with any plan, we need to take stock and evaluate progress at regular intervals, reviewing our objectives for the next few months in the context of our ever-changing world. This report details the next steps we will be taking on the prioritised areas of our manifesto, as well as ensuring we don’t neglect emerging issues of importance.

This report details our planned activities between now and March 2019, when we will be publishing our new Action Plan, following on from the 2018 Scottish Rural Parliament.

We are looking forward to hearing from members and other stakeholders on the ways we can work together on furthering our mutual objectives.

Amanda Burgauer, Chair