Changes within the SRA Board

Wed, 07/10/2020 - 14:55pm

During this period of change and growth for Scottish Rural Action, there have also been some exciting developments within our board.

Firstly, after seven years as a founding Director and nearly a year as Acting Chair of SRA, Vanessa Halhead has stepped into a new role within organisation. As our first ever Honorary President, Vanessa will continue to be actively involved in the work of SRA, especially in regard to building the rural movement in Scotland, being an advocate and spokesperson for SRA and retaining Scotland’s links with the pan-European network.  Vanessa says she is “delighted” to be taking on this dynamic new position during a time of such active development.  We would like to thank Vanessa for her guidance and leadership over the last seven years, especially throughout the difficulties of the last few months. Vanessa was instrumental in the foundation of the organisation and of the rural movement within Scotland and at SRA, we are continually grateful for her time, expertise and passion for rural Scotland. You can find out more about the role of honorary president here.

We are pleased to announce that now in the role of Acting Chair, we have Theona Morrison. Theona joined the SRA’s board in February 2020 and has a deep understanding of rural communities and the socioeconomic factors that impact rural people through her impressive career and lived experience as an Islander.  Like Vanessa, Theona is excited to take on a new role and would like to see SRA “shine a light on” the success stories of the economically active and younger demographics within rural communities. A strong believer in the economic capabilities of rural areas, Theona is passionate about SRA’s role in enabling and inspiring communities and growing the rural movement across Scotland.

We would like to congratulate both Vanessa and Theona for their new appointments and wish them luck moving forward.

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