The Cost of Rural Living: News Piece

Thu, 11/08/2022 - 15:09pm

Scottish Rural Action recently featured in Third Force News July Magazine, with quotes from our allies on fuel poverty: Di Alexander, chair of The Highlands and Islands Housing Assocations Affordable Warmth Group, and Jenny Milne, founder of the Scottish Rural and Island Transport Community.

It seems unjust that a community in rural or island Scotland that in fact generates electricity has to pay much more to buy that back to heat people's homes - Di Alexander

This cost of living crisis is a real challenge, not least for people who are responsible for operating voluntary and not-for-profit transport services across rural Scotland. The dramatic increase in fuel prices threatens the sustainability of services such as car-share schemes, foodbank delivery services and community minibuses. Unlike more urban areas, there is very often little alternative in the way of transport options for people who don’t have a car or can’t afford to drive one if voluntary car-share and bus services can’t operate. When compounded with the rise in home energy prices, there is a real risk that the most vulnerable people who live in rural communities are further marginalised. - Jenny Milne

You can read the article below.