Rural Response & Recovery Survey: Round 2 Open

Mon, 20/07/2020 - 11:11am

Thank you to everyone who completed Round 1 of our survey. The findings have been communicated to the Scottish Government and we have published our report. As we move into Phase 3 of lockdown we want to understand your experiences now. The focus of Round 2 of our survey is moving from the immediate response to COVID-19 towards asking you about long-term community recovery and redesign.

Emerging from lockdown is welcome but it will inevitably bring challenges for rural Scotland as well as opportunities. Round 2 aims to capture both the challenges and the opportunities in order to help target government action and resources. 

Everyone’s opinion matters, and regardless of whether you have been involved in your community response, or you have been shielding at home, we want to understand your experience. Please take part today.