Highland Good Food Conversation Launched

Fri, 21/08/2020 - 09:58am

An initiative aimed at bringing people interested in sustainable food together from across the Highlands has launched this week. The Highland Good Food Conversation has been funded by The Pebble Trust and Transition Black Isle to develop a vision for the Highlands and identify key actions to take forward. The main purpose of the Conversation is to inspire people and facilitate real action to change our food system for the better.

During phase one the aim is to engage a diverse range of perspectives and learn about the different challenges and possible solutions across the sector. It will be an opportunity to hear from inspiring, progressive doers and thinkers. From farmers to food campaigners, crofters to fishermen.

The heart of the conversation will be phase two; a virtual conference spread over five half days in early 2021. The conference will unite delegates through a common goal and vision of what good food will look (and taste) like in the Highlands by 2030, essentially reimagining what the Highland food system could become. Key actions will be identified and phase three will focus on implementing those actions.

The Highland Good Food Conversation can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and podcasts and blogs are available on the website.