Scottish Rural Parliament

The Scottish Rural Parliament is organised by Scottish Rural Action (SRA) every two years. It is a key event in the rural calendar, probably the largest gathering of rural activists in Scotland, and it contributes to the SRA aim of being a powerful voice for the people of rural Scotland.

SRA has now organised three very successful Rural Parliaments – Oban 2014, Brechin 2016, Stranraer 2018. The 2020 Rural Parliament has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and an announcement will made regarding a 2021 Rural Parliament at some point soon. 

The Scottish Rural Parliament is part of a pan-European family. It was Inspired by the successes of Rural Parliaments in other countries in Europe, and is one of 14 national Rural Parliaments, with more forming each year. SRA is also a national partner in the European Rural Parliament, a partnership of 40 national NGOs in 38 European countries. The 4th European Rural Parliament was held in Asturias, Spain in November 2019. This family enables Scottish rural people to have their voices heard at national and European levels.

The Scottish Rural Parliament brings together people from rural communities with decision-makers, for three days of celebration and exploration. Participants examine a wide-range of issues affecting rural communities and make recommendations for change.

“I learned new things, was exposed to new ideas about eliciting information and commitment from people and I enjoyed the buzz that was created at the event and being part of it.”

Anyone who lives or works in rural Scotland, or who makes decisions which affect rural Scotland, can attend the Scottish Rural Parliament. It is free for people from community organisations to attend.

We aim to ensure that each region of Scotland is well represented and that there is a good mix of people with different backgrounds and interests.

“The Rural Parliament has the feel of something with enormous potential. It could become a brilliant opportunity to translate community empowerment into action”.