vSRP 2021

For the 2021 Virtual Scottish Rural Parliament, Scottish Rural Action partnered with the Scottish Islands Federation in the Secretariat role, and nearly 100 organisations were involved in session curation and delivery. Over 500 delegates attended the 15 sessions in March 2021 to share their stories and discuss rural and island living. The 2021vSRP was supported by the Scottish Rural Network and sponsored by South of Scotland Enterprise.

Right now SRA is working hard, alongside the curators, to collate the information from the sessions. This information will then guide the creation of an updated Manifesto for Rural and Island Scotland.

Session reports and recordings will be uploaded on to the website as soom as they are approved by the relevant session curators. We aim to upload  all of the sessions by the end of June.


For a full list of speakers and organisations involved in the 2021 Virtual Scottish Rural Parliament, click here.