SRP 2014

Scotland’s first Rural Parliament in November 2014 closed with a call for action to achieve a more empowered, connected and sustainable rural Scotland.

Delegates agreed also to ask the Scottish Government to commit to a national conversation on local democratic renewal as a first step towards radical reform of local government that will bring power much closer to communities.

Our view:

  1. Scotland needs new democratic structures decided, agreed upon and led by communities
  2. Rural communities should be empowered to take action for themselves
  3. Rural areas require their own set of outcome measures, monitoring arrangements and measures of deprivation
  4. Rural buisnesses need to be effectively supported to survive, grow and thrive
  5. Rural communities need to be well connected to services through integrated and affordable transport
  6. Broadband and mobile phone signal are essential services which should be available to all

More than 400 delegates attended the three days of the Rural Parliament, and in the final session agreed by an overwhelming majority that the Rural Parliament should continue, with the next full session taking place in 2016.