We did not deliver a dedicated Housing Session at the 2021vSRP. There was no need to because the  curators - Rural Housing Scotland - had just delivered their excellent Rural Housing Summit in February 2021 and published a comprehensive Manifesto. The Scottish Rural Parliament Secretariat and curators will support these Manifesto priorities to become a reality.

Housing was also identified as one of the top five priorities by delegates attending the 2021vSRP Youth-led Session who called for: 

  • A better range of affordable housing that meets the needs of local young people, allowing them to stay in their community and enables other young people to move into the area.
  • A process to ensure that when housing becomes available, it is offered to local people first, with priority given to young people and families.
  • Housing that is environmentally friendly, leading to greener communities and lower energy bills for residents.
  • A second-home tax.